The Man in Black

Given that these headphones are designed with the Man in Black as the sole inspiration, there was only one color they could possibly be.

Over-Ear Headphones

I went with an over-ear design for these headphones since that is what studio headphones are and given that Johnny Cash is a musician, anything other then the best sound quality would be an insult.

It's all in the Details

One of my personal favorites as far as details go is in the stitching. I chose to go with blue since that was Cash's favorite color.

All about the Music

The cable plug for the headphone input is modeled after a standard plug on a guitar.

In order to get the stitching just the way I like it, a little bit of Grasshopper was needed while modeling these.

Simply Beautiful

When all the pieces are added together, and you put some thought into what is needed and what isn't, you end up with headphones that are beautifully simple and have just the right amount of details to define the style.