Merry Maids Cart Design
Collapsible Cart

We researched several different options for transporting the equipment and we concluded that the best option we had was to turn to a collapsible cart design. In order to save on the final production cost, we opted for getting the cart form Magna Cart instead of investing heavily into R&D for a custom design. After trying several different carts we opted for the Magna Cart MCX.

Collpasing Cart
The Bins
For the bins themselves we went with a relatively straightforward design. They would be injection molded Polypropylene with a 20% glass content for extra rigidity. In order to accommodated the flexibility that was required to satisfy different equipment lists and locations we went with two separate sets, which could be mixed and matched.
Both Sets of Containers
Carrier Combinations
Bottles Graphic
Tote Graphic


BBefore we did anything else we decided to meet with some Merry Maids branch managers and set up some interviews with the maids to get some first hand accounts of what the problems they were experiencing were.

We decided to follow them around for a few hours in the morning when they were preparing all the equipment for the rest of the day. We laid out the equipment to see exactly what we were dealing with. The amount of equipment was huge, especially when considering that it had to be carried by any single person.
Equipment Layout
But to really figure out how it was to carry the equipment as a single person, I decided to load it all upon myself, and carry it up and down 3 flights of stairs and then another mile to get a feel for it. And it was rough.
Equipment Loaded Up

Maid vs. Military Comparison
Common Injuries
Based on the research we conducted and the fact that the maids were carrying more weight then the Army Science Board recommended for soldiers in 2001, we knew we had to take the bulk of the weight off of them. This led us to the final design.


Concept Selection
Early on we decided to look at different alternatives to carts. We wanted to make sure that the cart is the best possible option. We started with some alternate concepts to the cart.
Early Concepts
Making the Choice Graphic
Mocking Up
Mockup Graphic

Alpha Prototype

Size Comparison

Spout = Hook Detail

Collaboration with the Mary Shao (ID '14), Anubha Singth Bhadauria ('14), Yugank Chawla ('14), Alexandra Gorkina ('14), Anish Tallapureddy ('14), Charles Cummings ('14), & Oliver Schrang ('14)