Nest Power

A UX/UI design for a Nest power product that syncs with the current Nest devices and provides the user with a new level of control over energy management.


A furniture line specifically for cat owners. A total of three pieces were designed, each of which solved a specific problem associated with cat ownership.

RISD Lunar Rover

A Lunar Rover designed for RISD in order to compete in the 2014 NASA Lunar Rover Challenge by my team and I.

Merry Maids Equipment Carrier

A project, Sponsored by Merry Maids, done at MIT for the Product Design & Development course.

Over-Ear Headphones

A set of headphones whose style is based on Johnny Cash and his music. Modeled in Rhino3D and rendered using the Brazil plugin.

Micro Gravity Repair Facility

A repair facility designed for a potential long term space mission.

Belt Buckle

A bronze piece inspired by the constellations of the northern hemisphere. Built in SolidWorks, cast in bronze, and then hand machined.

Chalk Bag

A rock climbing chalk bag design that uses a membrane to deposit chalk when it is hit by a hand. It is much cleaner, faster, and less wasteful than a traditional bag.

Urdan Agriculture Exhibit Design

A collapsable exhibit that can be set up & taken apart in minutes.

Fromula 1 Car

A CAD model of a custom designed Formula 1 car. It was designed and modeled in Rhino3D and rendered using the Brazil plugin.

Rugged Flash Drive

A rugged flash drive design made out of steel and aluminum. Modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Keyshot.

French Fry Forks

Bronze french fry forks inspired by the shape of an open flame. Model created in SolidWorks, 3D printed, molded, and cast.


A helmet based on the sci-fi game Halo. Made of a Smooth-on 300 plastic. Modeled in clay, molded, and rottary casted. Airbrushed paintjob.

Aluminum Pistons

Six pistons machined on a metal lathe out of 4020 aluminum round stock. Each piston has a diameter of 1.450 inches and a height go 1.750 inches.

Omega Watch

A design for a potentail Omega hybrid watch. Modeled in Rhino3D and renedered using the Brazil plugin.

Early Projects

These are early projects I did in my introductory wood and metal courses.

Duracell Brand Repositioning

A potential brand reposition for Duracell.

Swap Project

My metals two swap project in which I machined someone else's design.